Data-Driven Decisions without the Hassle

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Data driven decisions without the hassle

01 / Who We Are
  • Performance Metrics is a Danish company founded in 2016, by Christian Skovgaard and Thomas Petersen

  • Combined we have more than 20 years of experience in IT

  • We are a Business Intelligence company specializing in Unified Communications & Collaboration, such as Microsoft Teams

02 / What We Do
  • Our solution is Coherence, a fully automated and cloud-based SaaS, made to give an overview of your Unified Communications & Collaborations, and provide measurable data across your organization, i.e. on your KPIs

  • This data enables you to make data-driven decisions, to help get the most out of Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and improving your organization's efficiency as a whole

03 / Why We Do It
  • To empower organizations to reach the full potential of their Microsoft investment

  • To enable all organizations to benefit from data-driven decisions

  • To ensure that ROI and KPIs are trackable and measurable, for all relevant stakeholders of the organization

04 / How We Do It
  • We collect user-data from across your organization and allow you to sort through it and generate statistics

  • Thanks to our software Coherence, this can be done from anywhere, with an internet connection.

  • Then you can use the data and statistics as you see fit, for endless opportunities within optimization and gaining insight

Coherence Cloud
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DDI-Manager for Teams


DDI management made simple

Our newest product DDI-Manager for Teams is now Generally Available.

It is an easy-to-use browser-based solution that makes DDI management simple.

Read all about it here and see how you can simplify your DDI management and eliminate the scripting hassle.  

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2021-01-08 12_25_54-Performance Metrics.



For the past many years, companies have invested enormous amounts of money, time and manpower when implementing Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions, while only focusing the technology itself. Therefore, the end-users have been neglected in the process, causing a slower adoption-rate, more prone to failing.  


That is why we created Performance Metrics, with the goal of helping companies carry out their Organizational Change Management and utilize their Microsoft investment to the fullest.
In order to do that, we created the software Coherence, our own unique, fully automated SaaS solution, for collecting data to be used for improving your company through data-driven decisions.


Performance Metrics wants to be the leading provider of tools used to optimize and digitize companies into modern workplaces and enable everyone to benefit from data-driven decisions.

At Performance Metrics we supply our customers with the tools to gain easily extractable and readable data, for them to track their KPIs, which gives valuable insights to everyone in the organization, empowering everyone to improve where they desire.


Our platform, Coherence, is a purely cloud-based solution, and all you need is a tiny piece of software on one of your already deployed Microsoft Windows servers. Then all of your data will be imported automatically. 

Within a few hours, we can provide you with insightful data, to help your organization optimize and improve throughout, thereby helping you realize the full potential of your Unified Communications and Collaboration solution




How do I get started with your platform?


If you provide your contact information after pressing "Request Demo", then we will contact you and get you started with our demo, so you can make sure you love it,  before starting with the real deal.


Do you provide any consultancy expertise regarding UA & OCM?


Yes, we are a software and consultancy company that provides both the tools to support your User Adoption & Organisational Change Management projects, as well as adoption services to get you started with our software.


What does your product require from my organizations IT-environment for my On-Premise Skype for Business or O365 tenant with Teams?


If you are running Skype for Business On-Premise, Hosted or Private Cloud solution, we will install a small piece of software, which we call the Coherence Synchronization Engine (CSE), on one of your existing Microsoft Windows-based servers.

If you are on O365 we need an account for your tenant to get you up and running. We will, of course, set it all up for you, so that you can focus on your business.

When it is all set up, it will be fully automated, and the CSE will encrypt all the data from your system database, for your safety, and send it to our number-crunching cloud called Coherence.


Chat with us: 

Call us: +45 20 11 30 17