Teams Enterprise Voice Management without the scripting hassle

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Performance Metrics

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice management without the hassle

01 / Who We Are
  • Performance Metrics is a Danish company founded in 2016, by Christian Skovgaard and Thomas Petersen

  • Combined we have more than 20 years of experience in IT

  • We are a company specializing in developing cloud integration services to Collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams

02 / What We Do
  • Our solutions are build on the cloud platform Coherence.

  • In general our solutions enables you to perform data-driven decisions, omitting the scripting hassle and in general help your company to get the most out of Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice

03 / Why We Do It
  • To empower companies to reach the full potential of their Microsoft investment

  • To enable all companies to benefit from data-driven decisions

  • To ensure that your company hassle free, can submit the day to day changes necessary without a long lead time

04 / How We Do It
  • We collect user and usage -data from your Microsoft O365 tenant or tenants

  • Thanks to our cloud integration platform Coherence, this can easily be set up, via your browser

  • Once the integration services are up and running you will have access to configure and change how your Teams Enterprise Voice is configured across your tenant or tenants




For the past many years, companies have invested enormous amounts of money, time and manpower when implementing and managing their Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution and this not with ease.

The day to day management  with a mix of web interfaces and PowerShell scripting is more prone to errors and hence the lead time for changes to high.  


That is why we created Performance Metrics, with the ambition of helping companies use what they already purchased but still struggle with managing on a day to day basis.


Performance Metrics wants to be the leading provider of tools used to optimize and digitize companies into modern workplaces and enable everyone to benefit from data-driven decisions and cloud based integrations that helps managing your solution.


Our platform, Coherence, is a purely cloud-based solution, and it integrates directly to your Microsoft Office 365 and your Azure tenant. 

Our products are web based and makes the Enterprise Voice features from Microsoft Teams easily accessible and manageable for your company without the need to hand out Office 365 administrative rights to the users of our products.