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Optimise your Enterprise Voice usage

Release the Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice potential in an easy and scalable way

Auto Attendant & Call Queue Management
AA and CQ configuration

DDI Management
for direct routing

DDI number handling made easy

VoiceQ365 is a scalable product that helps customers overcome the challenges of configuration, maintenance and keeping a good overview of Call Queues, Auto Attendants and Microsoft Teams Agents – all gathered on one configuration page. VoiceQ365 comes with an out-of-the-box Wallboard and full Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice tenant reporting based on Power BI and REST APIs. 
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Since Skype for Business is coming to an end and is replaced by Microsoft Teams, many might find it difficult to manage their enterprise telephony as they did before. With DDI Manager you will get some of the functions you are looking for, have others improved, as well as getting some brand-new features. DDI Manager is a cloud service, built on the Coherence platform, made to ensure that you can simply and easily manage DDI numbers and number series in Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice. 
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