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Managing your DDI numbers in Microsoft Teams. And save time

Since Skype for Business is coming to an end and is replaced by Microsoft Teams, many might find it difficult to manage their enterprise telephony as they did before. With DDI Manager you will get some of the functions you are looking for, have others improved, as well as getting some brand-new features. DDI Manager is a cloud service, built on the Coherence platform, made to ensure that you can simply and easily manage DDI numbers and number series in Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice. 

DDI edit the users calling capabilities
DDI no. selection

DDI Manager provides simple and fast access to managing fixed telephony in Microsoft Teams without the hassle of PowerShell scripting. The image illustrates how to easily select a desired number series.

Future features have one thing in common: simplicity


Powerful overview: 

Management of your DDI numbers


You can manage DDI numbers 

simply and easily in Microsoft 

Teams Enterprise Voice 

Accessible for all: 

You do not have to script using PowerShell, and you can grant 

full admin access

Explore DDI Manager. The easiest way of managing DDI numbers

DDI Manager has been co-developed with our partners. We have listened to their business requirements and the issues they face in their daily operations. We have searched for simplicity and developed with knowhow. The outcome is a DDI Manager that has a proven track record with 44,000+ users among 380+ customers, across all industry verticals, all over the Nordics. To keep up with the changing landscape of various industries and to ensure that we always provide the market with the best and easiest way of managing DDI numbers, we never stop improving our products as we move forward. 


Everyday life is complex enough. Why not keep it simple? This image illustrates how it is possible to enable Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice on our users with only a click of a mouse. DDI Manager ensures easy access to editing and changing telephony and voice policies. 

What they say about DDI Manager at Telenor

”If we had just bought a complete system from one of the major suppliers, we would not have been able to adapt the system. With Performance Metrics, they have always understood the customisation we need. When we started the collaboration, we needed a solution to enable us to invoice our clients. The solution they came up with has worked really well. We have been met with innovative thinking, flexibility and friendly people. They are highly skilled in the Microsoft universe and know how to translate their level of knowledge into value for us and our clients.”
Nils Petter Brokstad,
Business Development Manager, Telenor 


What they say about 
DDI Manager at RackPeople

How many numbers are there? Which people have which numbers? What numbers are free? It sounds trite, but it has been difficult to find a solution that provides as great an overview as the DDI Manager. Performance Metrics has cracked the code. We spend almost no time maintaining or safeguarding against the system shutting down, because it runs stably. That's why many of our clients that we use DDI Manager and VoiceQ365 for say, "That's what we need!" "That's what we've been looking for."
Lasse Thorning Pedersen, CEO, RackPeople


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