DDI management made simple

DDI-Manager is a cloud service, built on the Coherence platform, made to ensure that you simply and easily can manage DDI numbers in Teams Enterprise Voice.


Since Skype for Business is coming to an end and is replaced by Teams, many might find it difficult to manage their enterprise telephony as they did before. With DDI-Manager you will get some of the functions you miss, have others improved, as well as getting some brand-new features. 


In short, DDI-Manager will give you a better overview and management of your DDI numbers, make it easier, more accessible, and foolproof, as you do not have to script using PowerShell and grant full admin access. 

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DDI-Manager has been co-developed with our partners, basing it on their business requirements, to help solve issues they face in their daily operations. As of its release, DDI-Manager already has a proven track record with 24.000+ users among 300+ customers, across all industry verticals, all over Scandinavia. 


We continuously learn from our users and apply that knowledge to improve our products. This also ensures that DDI-Manager will keep up with the changing landscape of various industries, to always provide you with the best and easiest way of managing your DDI numbers.



Managing your DDI numbers and number series in Microsoft Teams has never been easier!  


To get started or for more information on pricing and technical questions, contact: sales @ performance-metrics.com 

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